Barnana makes tasty, healthy snacks that help reduce food waste by using upcycled, “imperfect” bananas and sustainably harvested plantains as their main ingredients. Food waste contributes to climate change and is a huge problem in America, but collective action by individuals and companies like Barnana alike can help with the solution. I worked with Barnana and Marin Restorative Communications to produce an infographic to educate consumers about the food waste problem, what they can do to help combat waste, and how Barnana’s sustainable practices are part of the solution. Bright colors and playful illustrations created to harmonize with Barnana’s brand identity tell the visual story of this serious issue that has attainable (and delicious) solutions.
Client: Barnana  |  Marketing Agency: Marin Restorative Communications  |  Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copy Writing
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