Mission Produce's Avocado Intel is a service that offers data-driven intelligence to help their customers make choices for more profitability, attraction of more shoppers and reduction of shrink (loss of inventory). They were looking for an updated logo to introduce a series of infographics for their LinkedIn page. Combining an avocado and a simple concept around data, the pit ended up being a perfect point on a graph with an upward trajectory. I leaned into their existing bright color palette when creating playful spot illustrations to support the data points for each infographic.
Client: Mission Produce  |  Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copy Editing, Animation
I worked with Mission's in-house marketing team to write and edit the content for each content-heavy graphic to ensure proper flow and information hierarchy. Food is probably my favorite thing to draw so these were a joy to work on!
Animated infographics were also created as part of the campaign, including this summary of avocado consumption and sales for 2021.
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