WOLO Protein WanderBars are an innovative protein bar inspired by and designed for travel (no melty, crumbly mess!). As most of their sales efforts were focused on in-store purchases, the company was looking to refresh their homepage to provide more immediate, mobile-friendly information about the brand and product.
Client: FAM Foods  |  Roles: UX Audit/Design, Graphic Design
Previously, the homepage featured a general lifestyle image, lacked a headline that introduced the brand, and immediately presented visitors with prominent “Shop Now” calls to action before emphasizing what the bar had to offer. Knowing that “naked” bar images performed well on WOLO’s social channels, we knew we had to show off the bar’s innovative, mouthwatering, three-layer texture from the start. Icons were also created to visually tout product benefits such as the low sugar and high protein/fiber content of the bars, and a link to their detailed ingredient page was added next to a visual diagram of the layers. We then rounded out the page with links to shop since that information was of less urgency to the users they were targeting for that in-store purchase.
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