According to Genentech, the cancer-immunity cycle is a conceptual framework for cancer immunotherapy research, “helping scientists make sense of existing data and also providing a road map for future research.” I worked with the scientific communications team at Weber Shandwick to create a series of animations to accompany an editorial on a new framework for personalized cancer immunotherapy research. A hand-drawn style was used to make the piece inviting and accessible, bringing lightness to a complex subject. Read the article and check out the animations here.
Agency: Weber Shandwick  |  Client: Genentech  |  Animation: Mark Marcelo  |  Role: Illustration/Storyboards
The immune system’s goal of killing cancer cells is likened to a multiple-stage mission to the moon, with the three cancer-immune phenotypes represented by a rocket failing to launch, getting lost in space, and getting close to but not completing its mission.
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